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Infonova R6 is a multi-layer, multi-service, multi-provider BSS platform which has the capability to respond to customer demands in a flexible way.

Where other platforms often struggle due to a lack of flexibility or excessive adaption costs for custom needs, Infonova R6 provides a viable solution. R6 enables multiple partners on one platform, with each able to independently use the full functionality of R6 while at the same time engaging in mutually beneficial relationships with other partners in the ecosystem to provide further benefits to their business and customers. Its architecture allows any product or service from any industry to be integrated, both in the initial set up and ongoing, providing businesses with limitless future opportunities. Our agile methodologies in the creation of Infonova’s R6 software as well as when implementing customer projects ensures maximum flexibility throughout processes. Infonova R6 has enabled countless business transformations and our agile approach makes it the perfect digital software solution for businesses to succeed in the Digital Economy.

Our case studies illustrate how Infonova R6 is able to orchestrate Triple/Quad Play, IPTV, MPLS, internet, Legacy and Next Gen services and make them available to multiple channels and different brands. These cover multiple industry verticals and encompass a range of companies including BT, Dimensions Data, eir, Liberty Global, iiNet, iTW, Paybox, HD Plus, Crown Interactive and more. Please click on the links to the right for more detailed information about each implementation.

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