R6 for Enabling New Revenue Streams for Wireline Operators

R6 – the End-to-End Concept-to-Cash platform that enables new revenue streams for Wireline Operators

Cable operators are facing tremendous challenges and great opportunities at the same time.
A saturated core subscriber base, intense competition from various players, disruptive new technologies, and changing consumer behavior are some of the issues affecting the industry. With a saturated core subscriber base in consumer business, the real revenue growth opportunities for wireline operators are  in B2B and digital economy business models.
The R6 E2E concept-to-cash platform  enables consumer, business, wholesale & multi-tenant business models simultaneously on one platform and therefore offers great opportunities for cable operators to support various business segments and generate new revenue streams.

Whether for consumer, business, wholesale or all of these segments, the benefits to wireline operators are speed to market with new cross-industry offers and solution bundles targeted to customer´s needs (consumer, SOHO and MLE)  decreased operating expenditures and improved customer experience and satisfaction.

As R6 is designed with the capabilities to support new digital economy business models, the platform enables cable operators also to harness the opportunities provided by the digital economy.
R6 enables cable operators to quickly take advantage of new revenue growth opportunities in B2B and digital economy, rapidly introduce new services and service bundles and improve operational efficiency.

BearingPoint has confirmed this positioning with multiple implementations and long-term partnerships with multi-service operators.  

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