The new way to grow

In today’s digital world, growth is the big challenge – and the big opportunity.

So how do you grow in a low-growth world? By taking inspiration from the companies that are growing – not just a little, but exponentially. From Apple to Alibaba, from Amazon to Airbnb – today’s growth stars all have the same business model: they create digital platforms that manage and monetize vibrant ecosystems of consumers, producers and innovators. The secret then, is to adopt and adapt their winning ways to your business and ambitions – and BearingPoint can help.

We call this Digital Ecosystem Management (DEM) and we have an all-in-one DEM solution designed to deliver the software, services and strategic advice you need to make the most of the opportunity. At the heart of the BearingPoint DEM Solution is the unique, award-winning software, Infonova R6. Smart, flexible and light-touch, it fits in easily with your existing IT, so you can start using it straightaway. And it can grow with you as you develop your ecosystem.

From quickly introducing new services for existing customers to optimising the value of a varied and vibrant multi-service, multi-party ecosystem – we can help you make the most of the new way to grow every step of the way.

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