R6 for Digital Economy

R6 – the BSS ecosystem enablement platform for the digital economy

The digital economy is helping individuals and businesses to benefit from information and communications technologies in new ways.

Telcos can play a value-based role in the open digital economy and become enablers for enterprise segments (utilities, healthcare, government, property operators, etc.) that are looking to offer real-time digital services such as SmartGrid, eHealth, eGov etc.

The Infonova R6 Concept-to-Cash Multi-Party BSS is the platform that is designed with the capabilities to support these new B2B2x use case requirements. Since R6 is service technology agnostic, it can aggregate all these new and diverse digital services - e.g. multimedia, cloud-based, sensor network data streams etc.

These digital services are applied in different business models from specific enterprise market verticals from consumer retail to wholesale. The R6 multi-tenant Concept-to-Cash platform enables an ecosystem of partners to expose existing and define new services that can be offered through different partner sales channels based on flexible commercial models, such as pay per use. Based on R6, telcos can support the "digital services" operators and other business entities and to enable all ecosystem partners to monetise the different digital services business models.    

R6 meets the demands of the digital economy, it is the ecosystem enablement platform that can be operated in collaboration with a network of partners in multi-sided business models.

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