R6 – the multi-tenant BSS platform that supports various business segments on a single platform

The majority of operators currently have a BSS stack for each business they operate – from the traditional ones like business markets, consumer or M2M to new businesses like Cloud Services, eHealth etc. This reduces flexibility and, of course, increases costs.  

Due to the unique business architecture, which allows full multi-tenancy over the entire functionality, R6 enables consolidation of various business segments (e.g. fixed line, mobile, broadband, cloud, IPTV, xVNO etc.) on one platform. Customers benefit from a significantly reduced OPEX and IT risk.    

The R6 platform can handle various traditional and new business segments and business models simultaneously on one platform instance; this does not mean many instances virtualised in a cloud but really one instance, in the cloud or not, which significantly reduces operational costs.  

At the same time, the availability of various services on one platform enables product managers and marketing to develop new creative market propositions without requiring a major IT effort.  

R6 supports any technology or service, enabling the CSP to offer traditional telco services as well as new services like eHealth, Smart Grid, cloud-based data centre services, etc. or combinations of both via one platform and make these services available to multiple channels with a short time-to-market. R6 thereby enables telcos to address business innovation needs and to reduce operational costs at the same time.

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