R6 Product Management

Flexibly manage products, services and bundles through all phases of their lifecycle

In today’s digital era, companies need to possess the agility and speed to bring new products, services and bundles to the market quickly and to react instantly to changing customer requirements. R6 Product Management enables you to deliver an agile and constantly evolving set of products, as well as attractive bundles of services with fast time-to-market.

  • R6 Retail Catalogue manages the offers to be sold to your end customers, while the Wholesale Catalogue manages those offers sold to other tenants as well as the settlement agreements used for the reselling of services via other tenants
  • Offers and bundles can be quickly created for customers using available services within the Service Catalogue and sold via various sales channels
  • R6 is compatible with any type of service, supporting individual services from any industry, as well as the bundling of these with other services, all on a single platform
  • Product Management utilises an easy to use GUI for managing all aspects of retail and wholesale offers
  • A wide range of charging models for usage and non-usage charges can be selected as well as the ability to define individual business rules related to an offer
  • Incorporates timeline-based versioning for managing the lifecycle of the offers
  • Supports multi-language, white labelling and multi-currency
  • The Product and Service Catalogues are partitioned so that each tenant can create retail offers with completely independent pricing, bundling and business rules

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