R6 Order Management

Optimise and streamline order management and fulfilment

R6, with its catalogue-driven order management, allows you to efficiently manage the end-to-end order lifecycle for complex product offerings and bundles, across different business segments, partners and customer touchpoints. With its high level of automation and use of flexible, business rule-driven processes, R6 Order Management ensures consistent order processing with security and control and enables you to handle complex fulfilment scenarios.

  • Captures your customers’ orders and handles the end-to-end process of a customer request for a service toward fulfilment
  • Decomposes each offer into individual services and tracks the entire process of service activation, including automated and manual steps as required
  • Rules and checks define which actions can be undertaken including identifying and restricting offers, validating offer configurations and rules, and performing service availability and credit checks
  • Allows each tenant to configure individual business processes to meet its business requirements

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