R6 Finance

Efficiently manage and control your cash-flow

A major issue for service providers is the need to reconcile invoices and payments across substantial customer bases. Unwieldy Financial Management Systems that are not integrated and automated are extremely inefficient, resulting in higher operating costs, dissatisfied customers, reduced profits and depressed cash-flows. R6 Finance gives you the ability to efficiently manage and control your cash-flow, billing, payments and financial reporting.

  • R6 Finance automates and manages the processing of financial transactions affecting your customer’s financial accounts
  • Automatically triggers or receives payments, assigns payments, handles payment reversals or dishonours and triggers refunds and collection processes
  • Allows the connection with various payment channels
  • Provides the necessary functionality to identify, track and assign an appropriate final dispute settlement to contested charges
  • Any disputed amounts are excluded from the overdue balance so as not to affect Collection Management processes
  • Collection Management initiates payment of customer accounts that have outstanding balances, automatically monitoring and progressing through predefined, configurable steps toward resolution

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