R6 Billing

Flexible billing and monitization as a cornerstone of your successful business

R6 Billing is designed to fully support all services and payment types and is an essential part of the Infonova R6 Platform. As a Digital Ecosystem Management Platform, R6 not only provides support for retail but also wholesale billing, as well as partner settlement and the handling of multiple currencies. With R6, you gain a billing system that provides your finance and accounting department with controlled, accurate and up-to-date billing information so that invoicing becomes easier and more reliable.

  • Billing Data Mediation covers the process of collecting and handling your customers’ usage data from different usage data feeds, for any type of service, validating and transforming it into the system’s internal unified data record format
  • When calculating your customers’ usage record charges, R6 Billing takes allowances into consideration and triggers actions whenever certain thresholds or limits are reached
  • Data is processed in real-time to guarantee a fast update of your customers’ unbilled balance and allowances
  • Following each billing period, R6 consolidates the usage and non-usage charges open for each account, applies discounts, handles invoice transfers, allocates loyalty points and includes payments made in the open billing period
  • R6 supports the flexible billing of convergent data required in today’s Digital Economy covering event-based, time-based and volume based charging, allowance consumption and on/offline rating for pre/post-paid billing models
  • Wholesale and retail usage is rated in parallel and independently
  • The final step is the generation of an easy to read invoice for your customers, customised to your business and your customers’ needs (eg. In their language and currency)

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