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Aim of the Game:

Gather your business partners and work together to create an ecosystem of partners collaborating for the mutual benefit of all. Use the Infonova R6 ‘Build Your Business Model’ game to build your current business model and experiment with growth capabilities through collaboration.

Step 1 – Create your business

The first thing you need to do is create your business. You can decide if you are going to be the Ecosystem Platform Administrator (this is the person who owns Infonova R6 and is therefore responsible for managing and controlling the ecosystem of partners) or simply a Tenant in the ecosystem.

To do this, you must first onboard the services you provide yourself – these should be onboarded into INTERNAL, and if you sell these to end customers, also into RETAIL. You can bundle products together by having them touch each other. And don’t forget your customers and the money you’re making!

For example, Player 1 is a telco service provider offering bundles of fixed line, mobile and internet to his customers. Step 1

Step 2 – Determine your business requirement

What do you want to achieve? Who do you want to partner with to grow your business?

Player 1 wants to offer cloud services to bundle with his telco services but does not have the capacity to provide this himself.

Step 3 – Choose a service provider

You can partner with any service provider because one of the advantages of Infonova R6 is that as soon as another Tenant in the ecosystem is offering a particular service, it is easy for you to negotiate a partnership with that Tenant to sell the service on their behalf.

Your partner must first create himself a new Tenant, providing the service you need, sell it to you with a couple of clicks, and then you are immediately free to sell the service within your service suite.

Player 2 creates a cloud service provider by taking a second Tenant and onboarding cloud into INTERNAL and RETAIL (because his cloud business also on-sells to its own customers).

Because Player 1 will purchase services from this second Tenant, cloud will also appear as a WHOLESALE offer in Tenant 2, and the two Tenants must be connected with an arrow pointing from Tenant 2 to Tenant 1.

Step 4 – expanding your business portfolio

Once you have selected and made a deal with another service provider and their service has been sold to you, they are connected to you as a WHOLESALE service provider. You can use their WHOLESALE services to retail or wholesale, bundling with your own services.
Player 1 and Tenant 2 are now connected – Tenant 2 is selling his cloud services as a WHOLESALE service to Player 1. Player 1 can now bundle cloud with his existing services to create a unique offer for end customers.

Step 5 – ecosystem collaboration

But Tenant 2 (Player 2) can also get more involved in the ecosystem. Player 2 might then request that he wants to utilise one of Player 1’s services into bundles for his end customers.
Player 1 sells mobile to Player 2 as a WHOLESALE offer, and Player 2 now has the mobile service as an EXTERNAL service. The arrow is now pointing in both directions as the two partners are working together. Player 2 can now sell mobile as a bundle with his cloud services to his end customers. He didn’t need to do any technical onboarding of services – it all happened with a few clicks of the mouse!

All the complicated monetization is taken care of within R6. So you can concentrate fully on growing and strengthening your business to satisfy your customers’ needs.

Future Steps – Creating a limitless ecosystem of partners
The Infonova R6 Digital Ecosystem Management Platform is virtually limitless in growth potential. In the future you could add as many Tenants as you wanted and build a huge ecosystem of partners from all industries working together and sharing services.

This will enable you to not only fulfil the needs of your customers now, but also to have the capacity to continuing fulfilling their changing future needs. Infonova R6 takes care of the complexities, so that you can leverage partnerships and ‘Build your Business Model’ into a future-ready force to be reckoned with.

Happy gaming!

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