Success Stories & References

Covering various industries, our success stories below are just a few examples of the achievements of our clients.


Leading Austrian Telecom Company

Successful transformation of core OSS/BSS architecture to support new business models, such as x-Play Services and monetization of OTT and other 3rd party products and services, using agile technologies in the overall solution engineering process.

Client Benefits:

  • Launch of triple-play services within 8 months
  • Launch of new services such as TV on-demand within 3 months
  • Cycles of major releases reduced to 3 months

Leading Irish Telco

Successful agile replacement of legacy BSS frameworks leveraging software engineering and product integration.

Client Benefits:

  • Successful migration of first product line after 12 months
  • No stranded costs for implementation of new services
  • Streamlining and higher grade of core processes automation (cost savings)

Austrian Bank

Successful replacement of core banking system managing all the bank’s payment transactions.

Client Benefits:

  • Timely migration and phase-out of the legacy system
  • Meeting of regulatory requirements within a forced timeline

Leading Austrian public transportation provider

Successful implementation of a new comprehensive online eCommerce solution as a cornerstone of the digital strategy of the company.

Client Benefits:

  • Short planning cycles
  • Short release cycles
  • Fast feedback of client stakeholders


Leading Austrian Telecom Company

Design and guidance to implement the new target enterprise architecture of the OSS/BSS functionalities.

Client Benefits:

  • Enterprise architecture which fulfils future requirements
  • Adaptive and lean outcome
  • Support system backed up by an innovative approach to launch new services independently from existing core architecture fast and efficiently

Leading German car manufacturer A

Successful definition and establishment of an agile methodology for a strategic project within the customer care area.

Client Benefits:

  • Transparent risk-share with supplier and partner (based on agile fixed-price)
  • Frame document for issuing RFPs based on agile fixed-price
  • Introduction of an agile project delivery process fully aligned with corporate processes and governance framework

Leading German car manufacturer B

Successful change to agile methodologies of a large scale digital transformation program in the area of customer management for the financial institution (bank) of the company.

Client Benefits:

  • Transparent risk-share with supplier and partner (based on agile fixed-price)
  • Shorter release and planning cycles
  • Business results delivered sooner (after 6 months)

Leading German bank

JTF (Java Testing Framework), WWB (Web Workbench), ET Testing (Easytax Testing), PLSQL Unit (PLSQL Unit Testing).




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