Solution Delivery & Operations


Our comprehensive approach provides complete E2E solutions

Our comprehensive service offering comprises all aspects of the successful delivery and operation of software solutions. This approach along the E2E solution design value chain is based on the use of agile methodologies, which guarantees business alignment and focus, transparency and flexibility.

With software solutions built on state-of-the-art technologies based on a Java EE architecture, we use advanced tools which fully support our lean and efficient processes, and assure transparency, governance and overall quality.

Our solutions include enterprise backend systems which support the core functionalities of your business including Customer Management, E2E Management of your products and services, Order Management & Fulfilment, and Billing, as well as frontend/portal applications including PoS/eCommerce and other web-based solutions.

A key part of our offering is the integration of software-based assets or products including Infonova R6 – the Digital Ecosystem Management Platform, Opentext and Liferay, as well as various open source solutions (OpenCMS, ..).

With a team of knowledgeable experts, we deliver E2E solutions that cover the entire process all the way through to execution and operation. In addition, we also offer specific services and support including management, software development and support & operations. Our extensive experience in developing and delivering agile software solutions to be seamlessly integrated into your business processes, maintains alignment between business and IT and supports your business through all its functions.

Our Agile Software Development & Delivery offering comprises:

  • Agile Requirements Engineering & Product Ownership
  • Software Design, Architecture
  • Software Engineering & Development
  • Agile Tooling (Continuous Integration, Testing & Delivery)
  • Agile Software & Application Testing
  • DevOps Support

Support & Operations

  • Complete E2E Solution Support
  • Service Desks & Infrastructure Management
  • DevOps


Managing the delivery of your complete E2E solution

Our Delivery Management offering comprises all management functions of an agile solution delivery project. Key is the seamless integration of all these functions into an overall E2E agile management approach which has to be aligned with the specific requirements of your solution delivery project.

  • Contracting & Partner Management
  • Project & Program Management
  • Quality Management
  • Change Management
  • Resource Planning, Sourcing & Shoring
  • Deployment & Release Management




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