Enterprise Architecture & Solution Design


Creating an enterprise architecture that builds a cornerstone of your successful business

The successful development and execution of a digital strategy requires enterprise analysis, design, planning and implementation, maintaining a holistic approach throughout.

Digital enterprises need a two-speed IT architecture, encompassing both the requirements of your established business and your digital product innovation. This two-speed IT architecture allows the development of digital customer-facing capabilities at high speed, while decoupling legacy systems for which release cycles of new functionality remain at a slower pace.

We help you to define and implement a two-speed enterprise IT architecture as a fundamental cornerstone of your enterprise.

  • Strategy Mapping onto Domains & Capabilities
  • Solutions & Technologies Vision & Governance
  • System Portfolio Transformation Planning
  • Business & Technology Guidance


Designing a customised solution to achieve your digital transformation goals

Translating digital strategy into business requirements and technology solutions, and implementing those solutions at scale, is the Achilles’ heel of digitisation.

We support you in making the right technical choices: the right target data architecture, the right applications and tools and the right infrastructure environment.

  • Business Analysis
  • Technology Analysis
  • Due Diligence
  • Solutions Architecture




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